Thrive Now - 5 Part Programs

We aim to make learning mindfulness at work as easy and accessible as possible with our Thrive Now - 5 Part programs. Each program is x 5, 60 or 90 minute sessions delivered at 1 or 2 week intervals. We offer 6 different themed programs, each designed to take your team through a mindfulness based program with different objectives and outcomes. At the end of each program, participants will have an entire toolbox of techniques based on mindfulness, positive psychology, emotional intelligence and mindset science, designed to enable them to live their best possible life, inside and outsid of work. If you would prefer for these programs to be delivered in half or full day formats, no problem, we can do that too. Our Thrive Now 5 Part Programs are the following:

  1. Thrive Now - Building Balanced & Healthy Teams with Mindfulness

  2. Thrive Now - Building Resilience, Motivation & Wellbeing with Mindfulness

  3. Thrive Now - Mastering Your Inner Game & Building Healthy Teams with Mindfulness

  4. Thrive Now - Building Authentic & Excellent Service with Mindfulness

  5. Thrive Now - Mindful Teacher, Mindful Classroom

  6. Thrive Now - 5 Steps to Happiness at Work


Program 1: Building Balanced & Healthy Teams with Mindfulness

All individuals, teams and organisations experience stress. When stress goes on for too long or with too much intensity it leads to difficulties for the individual, the team and the organisation in terms of behaviour and wellbeing. Have you ever sent an email when feeling angry or frustrated and wished you hadn’t? Have you ever spoken to a colleague in a way you aren’t proud of? Or perhaps you experience many days when you feel too overwhelmed to think clearly, to make decisions and to focus on what really matters? During this program we teach participants to understand the physiology of stress, to understand their own wiring in the brain and body and then to take back control of how they respond to the circumstances of life, inside and outside of work. Using mindfulness techniques, self-awareness and self-reflection techniques and mindset science, participants will leave the program feeling confident that they can handle whatever comes their way, knowing they have a tried and tested toolbox of techniques to practice, in order to be at their best.


Program 2: Building Resilience, Motivation & Wellbeing With Mindfulness

In addition to all the wonderful experiences of life, each of us will also experience challenges, change, volatility, uncertainty, failures and setbacks. Whether we like it or not, this is the nature of life. Learning to manage our thoughts, feelings and emotions during these challenging times is critical if we are to learn and grow and to continue to live a happy healthy life. During this workshop we will focus on mindfulness and mindset techniques. Participants will be taught the neuroscience of resilience and will learn a toolbox of techniques to use at work and in life to reset themselves during tough times and to facilitate optimism and balance, no matter what life throws at them. In order to have great relationships with others and optimal wellbeing, we must start by optimising the relationship we have with ourselves. Becoming aware of how we talk to ourselves in tough times and learning to build resilience and optimism, is the key to a happy healthy life, inside and outside of work.


Program 3: Mastering Your Inner Game & Building Thriving Teams With Mindfulness

We think of great leadership as being about a mindset, and a way of being and viewing the world and those around us. that encourages trust, collaboration, healthy disagreement and courageous compassion. We also believe that each of us has the potential to lead, no matter what role we are in. In order to do this consistently, we need to understand ourselves well so that we can manage our inner world skillfully. During this program, using mindfulness, neuroscience, mindset science and psychology, we will teach participants the skills and techniques they need to deepen their self-awareness and self-mamangement skills. Participants will learn the neuroscience of empathy, compassion and competition, so that they can see themselves more clearly and choose the wisest possible response more often. They will learn to communicate authentically with each other, to move towards difficult situations and conversations with confidence and to meet each other with an open and curious mind, no matter what their differences are.

Also available in our 5 Part Program series are the following: Building Authentic Service with Mindfulness, Mindful Teacher Mindful Classroom and 5 Steps to Happiness at Work.