Starts November 4th 2018: Mindful Living 101 4-Part Program

Starts November 4th 2018: Mindful Living 101 4-Part Program

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4 Part Program, Runs 7pm-9pm on Sundays, Starting Sunday 4th November to Sunday 25th November, hosted at Marina Plaza, next to Marina Mall.

All our Mindful living program participants now receive a complimentary 12-month subscription to a state of the art mindfulness app.

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The session dates are below. This is a comprehensive program in which each session builds on the next to deepen your awareness, learning and to provide you with different mindfulness techniques to enable you to build a solid practice of the fundamental mindfulness techniques.

Session 1 - Sunday 4th November: Training Attention with Mindfulness.

Session 2 - Sunday 11th November: Embodying Experience & Deepening Self Awareness.

Session 3 - Sunday 18th November: Understanding Stress & Building Resilience.

Session 4 - Sunday 25th November: Working Skillfully with Thoughts.

Join Mindful Living 101, a 4 week program to learn the fundamentals of mindfulness.  Whether you are interested to learn mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety, to rediscover your ability to focus, to increase your physical and psychological well-being or to rediscover what it means to be present for your life and those around you, we will equip you with the knowledge and techniques to set you on your mindful journey.  

The objective of this 8 hour program is to provide participants with a full immersion into how working with mindfulness can positively impact psychological and physical wellbeing so that you end the program with the tools, techniques, knowledge and motivation to continue and build your practice.

What you will learn:

  • All the foundational secular mindfulness techniques.

  • The science and benefits of mindfulness.

  • How to practice, what to practice and when to practice.

  • How mindfulness reduces stress and increases resilience.

  • How our thoughts impact our emotions, feelings and behaviour.

  • How to use mindfulness techniques in the moment when dealing with tough situations.

What is included during the program:

  • 8 hours (2 hours per week) tuition with a qualified mindfulness teacher.

  • A workbook to support the program.

  • Weekly audio practice recordings.

  • Weekly email communication to support your practice.

  • 12 month complimentary subscription to a state of the art mindfulness app to help you continue to build your practice.

What's included after the program:

  • Attend any future Mindful Living 101 program free of charge.

  • Monthly complimentary group practice and discussion session with a qualified mindfulness teacher to help you continue to build your practice and answer your questions about the practice.

  • Ongoing support from the team at Mindfulness Dubai.

If you aren't able to make all 4 dates of the program don't worry as once you sign up for our Mindful Living 101 program you can attend any Mindful Living 101 program we run in the future to refresh your practice and learning. Places fill up quickly to be sure to book you spot. We look forward to helping you on your mindful journey.