Public Mindfulness Programs and Retreats

Sometimes, we all need a little help.  Mindfulness practices help you to live fully in the moment, to bring awareness to your thoughts, emotions and feelings so you are able to manage your happiness, your relationships and yourself more skillfully.

Learn mindfulness at one of our public mindfulness courses, with certified teacher, Emma Carbery. Emma has years of mindfulness teaching experience and practice. She brings that experience, together with warmth, passion and a sense of humour to her programs to create an environment of trust, mutual respect and empathy. Having experienced significant periods of axniety and depression during her younger years, Emma speaks authentically about how mindfulness has changed her life, and how it can positively impact yours.

If you have a minute, watch this short video of Jon Kabat Zinn, the father of secular mindfulness talking about it’s potential to transform our relationshp with ourselves and the world around us.

Learn Mindfulness at one of our Public Programs or Workshops - Learn to Authentically Connect with Yourself, Your Potential and the Life You Have Been Given

We currently offer two formats of Mindfulness programs for beginners. Both programs contain the same content, but are delivered in two different formats, to help busy people like yourselves, find the space and time to committ to a program. Whether you are interested to learn mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety, to rediscover your ability to concentrate and have clarity, to increase your well-being, or to rediscover what it means to be present for your life, we will equip you with the knowledge and techniques to set you on your mindful journey.  the objective of our Mindful Living 101 progam is to provide participants with a full immersion into how working with mindfulness can positively impact psychological and physical wellbeing so that you end the program with the tools, techniques, knowledge, and motivation to continue to build your mindfulness practice.

What you will learn:

  • All the foundational secular mindfulness techniques and more.

  • The attitudes of mindflness and how they can help you in life.

  • The science and benefits of mindfulness.

  • How to practice mindfulness, what to practice and when to practice.

  • How to meditate.

  • How to manage stress and increase resilience with mindfulness.

  • How to manage your mindset, your thoughts, your emotions and behaviours with mindfulness.

  • How to break bad habits and build new healthy habits with mindfulness.

  • How to use mindfulness techniques in the moment when dealing with tough situations.

  • How attitudes and practices of acceptance and self-compassion super charge resilience.

What's included with the programs:

  • 8 hours of group in person tuition with a qualified mindfulness teacher.

  • Live webinar sessions following the in person program.

  • 12-month complimentary subscription to a state of the art mindfulness app.

  • X 10 audio recordings of all the practices you will learn and more from Mindfulness Dubai.

  • A workbook to support the program, mindfulness practice aids, a Mindfulness Dubai journal.

  • Access to online support and guidance during the program and in the month following the program to support your practice.

  • X 4 weeks of follow up communication and online support for your practice.

  • Attend any of our future 4-part Mindful Living 101 programs free of charge.

  • Monthly complimentary group practice and discussion session to help you continue to build your practice.

  • A certificate of attendance.