Bring Mindfulness to Your Organisation

It's not fluffy or about being soft. Mindfulness enables talent to Thrive in the Moment.

Why learn mindfulness? Dan Harris explains the neuroscience behind mindfulness, and why so many organisations, CEOs and top athletes practice it. He predicts that the exercise will soon become regularly scheduled maintenance, as commonplace as brushing your teeth or eating your veggies.

We are passionate about helping you and your team thrive and reach your full potential at work and in life. The healthier and happier your team is, the better able you are to deliver the results you want maintaining your performance, wellbeing and happiness.

We also believe that it is possible to maintain your well-being, optimism, confidence & happiness even when faced with the busiest and most challenging work environments. A healthy team and healthy workplace culture is built on trust, connection, empathy and a clear purpose. In this fast paced world that we live in, building this type of culture is even more important in order for people and organisations to thrive. Our workplace workshops and programs are focused on building Emotional Intelligence skills, in particular self-awareness and self-management skills that facilitate strong team & customer relationships and a healthy working environment. Using mindfulness techniques, positive psychology and mindset science, our programs are designed to provide participants with the skills to increase their happiness, performance and wellbeing. The techniques your teams will learn are backed by Neuroscience and if practiced on an ongoing basis will significantly change the way your teams collaborate, innovate and communicate in addition to increasing individual well-being, happiness and motivation. We've worked with small and large organisations in the region and we understand the challenges you face. Let us help you with them.

Our Workplace Mindfulness Program, Thriving Minds, Enables Your Team to Work and Live Their Best Possible Life

We know that every organisation is different, with different objectives, budgets and aspirations in terms of bringing more mindfulness to the workplace. With this in mind, we have designed a range of introductory workshops and longer themed programs. The best way forward is for us to talk to you about what you would like to get from a program. If one of our current programs fits well, that’s great. If you would prefer us to tailor something specific to you, we can also do that. Whether your focus is on increasing resilience, well-being, gratitude, happiness, emotional intelligence, mindful leadership, innovation,  productivity or all of the above, we will tailor the program to you. There are many different ways to help your team bring more spaciousness, wisdom and clarity into their days at work and we look forward to discussing this further with you.

The Search Inside Yourself Program was born at Google and is based on Neuroscience

The Gold Standard in Mindful Leadership and Mindfulness at Work programs

We are also delighted to be the first providers of the Search Inside Yourself program in the UAE and GCC region. The Search Inside Yourself, mindfulness based emotional intelligence program was born at google and is based on neuoscience. Having been delivered in many multi national organisations around the word, the data demonstrates that this program significantly impacts resilience, happiness and performance. Find out more about Search Inside Yourself here.

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Who We’ve Worked With

We are proud to have pioneerd teaching mindfulness programs to organizations in the the UAE and we are grateful to the fantastic Clients we’ve worked with, for trusting us with the introduction of mindfulness to their organizations. Whether it be an indepth mindfulness program for Leaders, a tailored program for Customer facing or Sales teams, or for your entire organisation, we will tailor the solution to you and work with you over the long term to ensure the success or your program.