Mindful Leadership Programs & Mindfulness 121 Coaching

As the world continues to get faster and the competitive landscape gets increasingly complex and volatile, how can each of us meet the challenges of today’s work and life with skill, motivation and inspiration.



What does Leadership Excellence look like in today’s VUCA world, and how can we bring the very best of ourselves to work, life and leadership?

During our Mindful Leadership programs we explore what it takes to manage yourself skilfully, whilst leading others through change, with motivation, resilience and compassion.

A simple place to start with this, is to ask ourselves, ‘am I fit to Lead?’. What daily habits do I currently have that cultivate my own self-awareness and self-management capability in order that I can inspire others and lead them to meet the challenges and opportunities of today’s world with confidence, optimism and curiosity. Whether we are in an obvious leadership role or not, we all impact those around us and we all have the potential to manage ourselves in a way that inspires trust, respect and collaboration.

Mindful Leadership teaches us that in order to be at our best, we need to integrate times of reflection along side action, that we benefit ourselves, our teams and the organisation, when we are mentally prepared for the challenges of the day, and that it is entirely possible to bring our whole selves to work and that by doing so, we create strong and authentic relationships with colleagues and customers.

In our Mindful Leadership series we work with groups and with individuals to foster these capabilities, which we believe are essential for individuals and organisations to Thrive in today’s world. Our Mindful Leadership programs are:

Introduction to Mindful Leadership - this introductory workshop is a great startng point for any team wanting to explore the benefits and potential of cultivating mindful leadership in their team.

Fit to Lead 5 Part Program - for those organisations wanting to explore further, we offer a 5 part Fit to Lead program in which we use mindfulness, mindset and positive psychology techniques to cultivate mindful leadership skills and capabilities.

Search Inside Yourself - this program was born at Google, and is considered the gold standard of Mindful Leadership and Mindfulness at Work programs. We are currently the only organisation in the Middle East licensed to offer this transformative program.

If you would like to discuss any of our Mindful Leadership options, or explore working with us 121 then please get in touch.