Take a 90 minute, 2 hour or Half Day Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop

Great for Your Team Offsite or Wellness Day

We've designed a modular approach as we know every organisation is different. Whether your focus is on increasing resilience, well-being, gratitude, happiness, innovation, focus or all of the above, we will tailor the program to you. You may want to start off with and introductory workshop like the ones listed below. Or perhaps you are ready to dive in with our Thriving Minds 5 Part Programs.


Introduction to Mindfulness - 90 Minutes or Two Hours

Our introduction to mindfulness workshop is a great way to provide your team with an overview of what mindfulness is and how it can benefit them inside and outside of work. It will enable your organisation to gauge interest in continuing with further mindfulness programs and to see whether the method of training works well within your organisational culture.  During the intro session we will outline the benefits of mindfulness, discuss why and how we can all benefit from it, and introduce key mindfulness practices used to increase self-awareness, self-management, resilience, concentration and well-being. Participants will also learn mini mindfulness techniques that can be used daily in the office, or in life generally to bring them to the present moment, to check-in with themselves and to get a much needed dose of calm and clarity.


Half Day Introduction to Mindfulness

In this tailored half day workshop we introduce participants to a full array of mindfulness techniques and tailor the workshop to your specific interests and objectives drawing on techniques and content from our modular Thriving Minds Program (our modules are set out below). The half day workshop will be highly experiential and include mindfulness and positive psychology techniques targeted towards your specific outcomes. This workshop is ideal for teams who would like to start by exploring mindfulness in more detail. We cover the material also coverd in the shorter introductory workshops and then build upon that depending on your interest and objectives.

With all of our workshops we provide the following:

  • Pre-workshop communication to send to your team inviting them to the workshop.

  • Post workshop follow up communication which includes recorded mindfulness practices and other learning resources.

  • Mind Matters Most infographic.

Our full range of Thriving Minds modules are set out below. Each of these can be delivered as a stand alone workshop of 90 minutes of 2 hours, or combined with other modules to form a longer program.

  • Fit to Lead - Mindful Leadership in Action

  • Training Attention & Emotional Intelligence

  • The Science of Happiness

  • The Upside of Stress

  • Mindful Communication 101

  • Mindful Teams & Mindful Meetings

  • Stop the Noise, Capture the Signal

  • Resilient Customer Service

  • The Resilient Mind

  • Taming Your Mind

  • Gaining Mastery of Your Mind

  • The Compassionate Mind

  • Productivity Pro - Learn to Think Producively

  • Mindful Selling - Establishing Authentic Connection