I am so happy about the whole experience. I feel as though Emma and the team have taken me through the looking glass into another dimension. After 4 weeks this has really made a difference to my life. Thank you.
The Mindfulness Dubai course delivered everything it said it would and more. I was unsure of what to expect, but was delighted to receive such detailed content over a 4 week period from an experienced professional. Meeting people who experience the same stress in life was great as we were able to share and advise each other which was a great feeling. I’ve become more mindful and look forward to the rest of my journey in developing my practice. Thank you Mindfulness Dubai.
The skills I have learned over the program have helped me on the family front, friendship front and definitely the work front.
I was delighted to receive such a comprehensive program from the team at Mindfulness Dubai. Emma is an experienced and professional teacher who brings her years of experience to the program and ensures that each one of us feels supported, welcomed and valued. I was also very impressed with the comprehensive learning tools, and follow up from Emma and the team. I look forward to continuing my mindful journey with them. Thank you.
At the age of 46 and in a Senior level role in my career I realised that I needed to become more focused and less triggered. This program taught me that I have the capacity and curiosity to learn and grow in new ways and after 4 weeks it has already paid personal and professional dividends. Thank you Mindfulness Dubai.
The program helped me to connect to my values and motivation and to learn to respond more skillfully to the challenges of life.