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Mindfulness Makes Bad Days Manageable!

You know when you are having one of those rubbish days and you wish it was over or hadn’t even started? Mindfulness can help you to manage those days with greater wisdom, calmness and compassion. One of the great things about this is that you are less likely to put your bad day feelings on others around you. The other benefit is that, the more we can be real and authentic about what we are experiencing, as we are experiencing it, the more likely it is that those umcomfortable feelings will subside.

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Reclaim Your Headspace & Your Life with Mindful Meetings

Do you feel like your work life is one long chain of meetings and more meetings? Do you feel like many meetings are not productive and distracting you from focusing on what’s most important? If so, read on to find out how to schedule more mindfully and to have the most productive meetings possible. By bringing awareness to how we spend our time and the stories we tell ourselves about what it takes to be successful at work, we can start to work in more productive ways that create much needed headspace andclarity and concentrate on what matters most.

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Making Mindfulness Simple Part 1

Perhaps you’ve heard of mindfulness and you are not sure what it is or what it does and why people are making such a fuss about it.  In our Guide to Making Mindfulness Simple series, we thought we would start with busting a few of the common myths about mindfulness to help you understand it and to help you explain it to your friends if you have started practicing it.

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