Making Mindfulness Simple - Part 2 - The Benefits


Next in our Making Mindfulness Simple series, we will be posting a number of blogs about the benefits of mindfulness, starting with a focus on the quality of our life experience generally.  Yes, it really can change a whole lot for us if we start and continue a practice.

Benefit Number 1: Mindfulness enables a sense of clarity, stability and calm (even in the busiest day)

Imagine you’ve been running from meeting to meeting, from chore to chore, it feels like you have done thousands of things in the day and it’s still only 11.55am in the morning.  If we let it, life can feel like a never-ending treadmill of to-do lists, tasks, and chores and what’s worse, the to-do list never ends, and the tasks just keep on coming. We need to firstly ask ourselves whether this is sustainable, considering we have a lifetime of this in front of us and secondly, we need to ask ourselves, how satisfying, living in this way feels? Often the answers that come to us highlight the fact that we aren’t enjoying living life ‘on the run’.  Cultivating a mindfulness practice will enable you to bring greater clarity and calm into each day.  It does this in two ways.

Firstly, the act of sitting down silently watching the breath, even if for just a few minutes, provides us with a sacred pause in which we are able to breathe, to notice how we are feeling and to just be (not do for a few minutes).  All of us can find time to do this even in the busiest environment. 

Secondly, this pause provides us with the headspace we need to determine what’s important and what’s not, to see clearly how we are spending our time and to make the necessary adjustment we need to look after ourselves so that we don’t burn out, or give up, or stress out continually.

Life isn’t a race, it’s an incredible opportunity to experience the richness of the world we live in and the people we share it with. Don’t miss out on the world and the people in it. Your to-do list doesn’t care either way, but you should, and I am sure you do.  

If you are interested to learn mindfulness, join us on one of our mindful living programs and join us on the journey.