Sometimes, we all need a little help.  Mindfulness practices help you to live fully in the moment, to bring awareness to your thoughts, emotions and feelings so you are able to manage your happiness, your relationships and yourself more skillfully.

Jon Kabat Zinn who is thought of as the father of secular modern day mindfulness talks below about what mindfulness is and how it can transform your experience of life.


Here is a selection of the different programs and workshops we run. Anyone who attends our Mindful Living 101 program is free to come to any future Mindful Living 101 program to refresh your practice or if you weren't able to make all of the program dates.  Check our workshop dates page for dates and times of our upcoming programs & workshops.  



Mindful Living 101 - 

4 Week Program

A beginners program over 4 weeks for 2 hours per week. Learn the what, why and how of mindfulness to start your mindful journey.


Deepen Mindfulness - 4 Week Program

For those who have completed the 4 week Mindful Living program an opportunity to deepen your practice and understanding of how mindfulness can transform the way you think, feel and respond to life. 


Befriending Your Mind Workshop

Ever found yourself in a spiral of negative self talk or judgement of others? Don't worry that makes you human like the rest of us. In this workshop learn how to understand, befriend and transform your less useful thought patterns. The program runs over 2 weeks, for 2 hours per session.


The Compassionate Mind Workshop

In this 2 - part workshop learn how your brain is wired in ways that often don't result in kind or compassionate behaviour to yourself and others. Then learn proven techniques to rewire your brain for kindness, compassion and well-being.

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Mindfulness & Technology - Learning to Switch Off

This one's for everyone who owns a mobile phone and knows their relationship with it is less than healthy. In this 2 hour workshop learn how and why we are addicted to technology and how to get back in control of it for a happier and healthier life.


Mindful Eating Workshop

Have you ever found yourself snacking mindlessly whilst working, using food to comfort yourself when you are stressed or felt frustration at yourself because of unhelpful eating habits? In this workshop learn how your eating habits, emotions, brain wiring and thought patterns can make it tough to change old eating habits. Then learn how mindful eating and thinking can transform you relationship to food and to yourself.